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Direct Wholesale Roaming Access


  • The Access Seeker is asked to review Telekom´s reference offer for Direct Wholesale Roaming Access on this internet page and turn to the following contact point in case of interest: roaming.coordination@telekom.de.
  • Telekom shall provide a draft Wholesale Roaming Access Agreement within one month after the receipt of the request.
  • If the Access Seeker is interested in concluding such a Wholesale Roaming Access Agreement with Telekom, the Access Seeker shall confirm his interest, provide a roaming traffic forecast covering the initial 12 months after commercial launch, his version of the GSMA RAEX OpData document as well as his IR.21 document describing the technical roaming connectivity in fully completed way. Be prepared to also provide proof of your authentication as an undertaking entitled by the Regulation.
  • In case of a reasonable request, Telekom shall provide Access Seeker with the relevant information concerning the start of contractual negotiations.
  • Parallel to the start of the negotiations between Telekom and Access seeker Telekom shall provide his version of the Individual Annexes to the Wholesale Roaming Access Agreement, based on GSMA RAEX OpData and IR.21.
  • Before signature date of the Wholesale Roaming Access Agreement, the Access Seeker shall provide the requested bank guarantee.


Reference Offer of Telekom Deutschland GmbH for Access Seekers of Direct Wholesale Roaming Access

Reference Offer Access Document

Reference Offer Access Agreement Document

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Laut Connect Mobilfunknetztest Heft 01/2018 und CHIP Netztest 01/2018

Laut Connect Mobilfunknetztest Heft 01/2018 und CHIP Netztest 01/2018