Conversational AI

Introducing the possibilities of voice-based services

Our Voice solutions will revolutionize the way your business communicates with your customers.

Introducing the possibilities of voice-based services

Our Voice solutions will revolutionize the way your business communicates with your customers.

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Always be available for your customers on the phone.

Support employees via hands-free information management.

Provide information in the most intuitive way possible.

Safely and conveniently identify callers.

Make your contact center more productive.

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Let’s humanize technology

The way we interact with machines is about to be revolutionized. Voice services allow us to talk to computers almost as if they were people: They make technology more intuitive to use, break down barriers, and give us more time to focus on what is really important to us.

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Voicefirst is the future of business

The switch from displays and keyboards to voice interaction is a paradigm shift that will fundamentally change the way how businesses communicate with their customers. It will allow more efficient processes and new business models that we can’t yet imagine. Our conversational AI solutions give you a toolbox that allows you to easily integrate voice services into your business model.

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Voicify anything!

Our Conversational AI solutions enable you to reach your customers through voice services on any touchpoint.

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Service Hotline

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Deutsche Telekom App Icon

Image of an opened laptop with Telekom wallpaper on screen
Web interface / Website

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Information Terminals

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Smart Speaker

Get started with ready to implement voice applications

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Our Voice Scheduling Assistant is always available for your customers

Be available for your customers around the clock for appointment requests – without waiting times and even on weekends or at night. Our Voice Scheduling Assistant  greets them personally, suggests available time slots, confirms meetings and even sends a reminder via text message – while your employees can focus on what matters most to them.

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Our Conversational AI Suite gives your contact center a boost

Boost the productivity of your contact center staff! Our Voice solution clarifies recurring customer concerns in text chats or on the phone and prepares conversations to route the customer to the exact right employee. With our graphical editor, your employees can set up dialogs and processes without any previous IT knowledge, adapting them perfectly to their needs.

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Voice User Verification combines best usability with safety

Give your customers a sense of security and the best user experience with our Voice User Verification. It allows your clients to authenticate themselves with only by their voice, without having to remember passwords or receive codes on their cell phones. That it does with the highest level of security and in less than three seconds – text-free and in any language.

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Voicefirst is the future – find out more

Learn more about the benefits of voice services for your business in our booklet.

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Develop your own voice solution with us

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All the tools you need to create and scale your own voice product

Voicification is a platform that offers you everything you need to develop and scale your own voice-driven solution together with us. Benefit from a growing ecosystem of voice services. Choose from a range of applications, tools and services – from software developer kits (SDK) to service analytics tools and powerful enterprise applications.

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A powerful platform to manage your voice touchpoints

Our Telekom Voicification Suite is a self-learning platform that lets you manage all voice touchpoints from one interface. Give users a consistent experience regardless whether they are using a phone, a website, an app, or a smart speaker. With our open APIs, you can integrate existing systems effortlessly. As a SaaS solution, it also frees your IT from maintenance tasks.

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Smart consulting from our voice engineers

Get access to in-depht know-how from our team of voice engineers and platform experts, including governance models for ethical AI and best practices for data security. Through a proven process of strategy workshops, proofs of concept and MVPs, they ensure that the implementation of your voice project will be a success.

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Here are 4 reasons to work with us

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Future-proof platform

Build and scale your own tailored solution – from specialized voice features to enterprise.

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Co-create your voice-enabled solution with us. Select from a wide range of apps, tools and service and decide on the integration depth.

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One-stop shop

Integrate all your voice touch points in one platform with one user experience and benefit from a growing ecosystem of Voice services.

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Expert team

Gain access to in-depth knowhow from our team of voice engineers and platform experts, inclusive governance models for ethical AI.

Give your customers security

Your personal voice is one of your most important properties. Therefore, we create our Conversational AI solutions with the highest attention to data protection and technical security. They are developed under strict ethical guidelines and have numerous features to protect the privacy of your customers.

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Fully controlled by user

All stored conversation data is accessible by the user and can be deleted.

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No unwanted recording

Voice recording starts only after a specific trigger.

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All data is stored in the EU.

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Ethical Guidelines

Our AI products are developed  under strict guidelines for digital ethics.

Our success stories

For us, customers are not just buyers – they are partners, with whom we develop Voicification side by side. These companies have successfully completed their voice projects with us.

Voice assistant for Orange

Deutsche Telekom and Orange jointly developed the first European voice assistant.

Scheduling with Cituro

Voicification adds voice capabilities to the leading online appointment booking solution.

Meet our trusted partners

Working with these trusted partners allows us to customize Voicification to meet the requirements of specific use cases, thus optimally fulfilling our customers' needs.

Logo Axxesio

The consultancy is assisting leading companies in designing the digital and interconnected world.

Logo Cognigy

The leading Enterprise Conversational Automation Platform for building advanced Conversational AI Solutions through the use of cognitive bots.

Logos of Microsoft and Nuance
Microsoft / Nuance

Bringing industry‑leading AI and deep vertical expertise to address customer’s biggest challenges and accelerate business results.

Logo mm1 Consulting
mm1 Consulting

Implementing digital transformation through innovation and perfection is the speciality of this consultancy.

Logo QAware Software Engineering
QAware Software Engeneering

The software company maximize benefits and returns through innovation and perfection.

Logo Veridas

The world’s leading provider for fast and secure speaker authentication via voice biometrics.

Logo Rasa

Providing developers and enterprises with a flexible open-source platform for building text and voice-based assistants.

Logo Vier

VIER Cognitive Voice Gateway turns your chatbot into a voicebot and enables seamless integration to popular bot frameworks.

Logo VUI agency

Europe’s leading creative agency for voice and chatbots, creating award-winning digital experiences for clients all over the world.

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