The Conversational AI Suite
The Conversational AI Suite

Increase your productivity and offer your customers the best service: Get the most out of your contact center solution with Conversational AI Suite.

Increase your productivity and offer your customers the best service: Get the most out of your contact center solution with Conversational AI Suite.

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Give your contact center a boost

Conversational AI Suite is your business solution for a more efficient customer contact service. The intelligent voice solution fully automatically answers customer concerns via telephone and text chat – for example, frequently recurring standard questions. This allows you to save on personnel costs and still be available 24/7 for your callers – for more customer satisfaction with the highest quality. Discover more practical application examples below.

More than just a chat bot: The Conversational AI Suite

Satisfied customers, reduced service costs: The Conversational AI Suite answers frequently occurring customer concerns automatically and processes them conclusively across numerous channels. In addition, biometric voice recognition "User Verification" can be used to conveniently authenticate a caller based only on their voice.

Customer dialogue with Deutsche Telekom's Conversational AI Suite

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Your advantages with AI in customer dialogue

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Advantages for your customers

  • 24/7 availability
  • No waiting times for simple requests
  • Case closing processing of the request
  • Fast service
  • Direct problem solving
  • Fast and convenient authentication through voice recognition
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Benefits for your employees and your company

  • Significant cost savings through automated processes – such as frequently asked questions or verification/authentication of callers
  • No functional bottlenecks or failures even with high service usage
  • Relief for employees with standard questions thanks to bot solution
  • Reliable 24/7 service with constant quality
  • Support for complex queries with access to large amounts of data
  • Increase customer satisfaction

In touch with your customers – across all channels

The Conversational AI Suite is modular and can be seamlessly integrated into existing environments – both in voice channels and in E-Mail, messenger or web chats. CRM systems and knowledge databases can be connected via API interfaces. This allows complete interactions such as information on order status or tariff changes to be processed fully automatically and on a case-by-case basis.

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Discover our online seminars

Artificial intelligence in customer service – secure and tested according to AIC4

How do you create a trustworthy and explainable AI solution? How do you ensure that its functionalities are compliant with all legal and ethical guidelines? In this free online seminar, together with our partner Cognigy, we explain how to ensure a secure AI service in the interaction of SW, hosting, operation and support.

Voice biometrics: Forget all your passwords, just speak!

Do you want to authenticate your customers within 3 seconds? In any language and text-independently (passive recognition)? Then watch the recording of our online seminar and learn about the advantages of biometric speech recognition ("User Verification").

Real success stories

Zitat und Bild von Michael Römer, Geschäftsführer Funke Dialog GmbH

Funke Dialog GmbH

The challenge: As the publisher of 12 daily newspapers, Funke Mediengruppe reaches 3.3 million people in Germany. On average, around 133,000 subscribers call the hotline every month with various concerns. The subsidiary Funke Dialog was looking for a solution that could handle the number of callers efficiently and with the shortest possible waiting times.

The solution: The Conversational AI Suite solves simple customer concerns, such as reordering a newspaper. The solution identifies the caller by voice recognition, even if no phone number has been stored. The bot now handles around 35 percent of calls.

Zitat und Bild von Michael Mager, Leiter Marketing/Kommunikation Telekom Baskets

Telekom Baskets Bonn

The challenge: The aim of the AI project was to contact the fans of the Bonn basketball club more efficiently, but also more emotionally.

The solution: Together with the customer, the mascot "Bonni" was measured and filmed in various poses to create a likeable 3D avatar with high recognition value for the fans. Now fans can chat with Bonni at any time and obtain information. Bonni provides support for all questions relating to tickets, the fan store, the match schedule, the team or how to get to the Telekom Dome. In addition, the avatar can also respond to messages with various animations or humorous dialogues.

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