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Telekom Staking

Stake your crypto assets and get rewards.

Reliable infrastructure for Web 3.0.

Reliable infrastructure for Web 3.0.

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Deutsche Telekom's reliable staking service

With the Telekom Staking service, you can stake your crypto assets on selected blockchain networks and receive rewards for it. We offer Cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service and can offer you as an enterprise provider the staking of crypto assets via our own infrastructure.

Why Staking?

Proof-of-Stake (or "Staking") is a consensus mechanism that helps to sustain blockchain networks efficiently. Users deposit their cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, Celo, or Polkadot as "Stake" to actively confirm transactions and support the network, receiving rewards in the form of cryptocurrencies. Staking thus provides users with the opportunity to increase their crypto holdings while promoting the development of Web3.

Our figures speak for themselves

80 Millionen Euro an Kryptowährung wird zu uns delegiert


In cryptocurrencies on our infrastructure

Thanks to the trust of our customers, the expansion of our offering, and the constant addition of new networks, we have been able to increase the value of assets on our infrastructure to over 60 million Euro.

Wir unterstützen sechs Blockchain Protokolle


Protocols supported

Our team of experts deals with the latest trends in Web3 and is constantly working on setting up new infrastructure, supporting networks and accompanying innovations. Our range of new networks is constantly being expanded.

Wir betreiben über 100 Blockchain Validatoren


Validators provided by Telekom

Due to our experience and constant further development, it is possible to set up new validators promptly and easily. Our staking offer now includes more than 200 validators.

Wir betreiben eine hochverfügbare Infrastruktur

> 99 %

Availability of our validators

Thanks to our on-call service and expertise, we are able to guarantee the customer a network runtime of at least 99%. Slashing risks and downtimes are a thing of the past.

Our Telekom Staking offer: The choice is yours!

We offer you a broad portfolio of staking solutions and regularly expand our range.

Hier finden Sie eine Übersicht über unsere Staking Validatoren

Public Validator

Delegate your cryptocurrencies to Telekom validators and receive staking rewards. The validators run worry-free on our own Telekom infrastructure and are publicly accessible to everyone.

Our validators

Hier können Sie White-Label Validatoren anfragen

White-Label Validator

Providing a validator requires technical expertise, dedicated hardware and continuous maintenance to prevent failure risks and enable effective staking.

With our white-label validator, we take care of these prerequisites for you and operate the infrastructure on your behalf.


Hier gibt es weitere Business Lösung zu Web 3.0, NFT und SSI

Web3 Services

Would you like to learn more about Web3, discover your own solutions and review specific applications for your company?

Let our experts advise you.



Why Telekom Staking?

With full #Magenta Power into the Web3 - support decentralized blockchain networks with the help of the powerful Telekom Staking Services and receive rewards in the form of cryptocurrencies.

Wir betreiben unabhängige Infrastruktur ohne Abhängigkeiten von Hyperscalern

Independent infrastructure

Our service is operated on our own infrastructure and is independent of hyperscalers.

Wir haben Rufbereitschaft um schnell reagieren zu können

24/7 on-call service

Our team is on call around the clock to respond quickly and prevent downtime.

Unsere Infrastruktur gehört zu der modernsten und sichersten in Deutschland

Safety made in Germany

Our infrastructure is among the most modern and secure facilities in the world.

Wir betreiben unsere Infrastruktur mit Strom aus erneuerbaren Energien

Green Validator Nodes

Our infrastructure is powered entirely by green electricity.

Telekom-Special Blockchain Blog


Crypto, Web3, infrastructure and cloud - telekom enables the internet of values and relies on sustainable blockchains as well as public blockchain networks.

to the special


Crypto, Web3, infrastructure and cloud - telekom enables the internet of values and relies on sustainable blockchains as well as public blockchain networks.

to the special

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Our Public Validators

We currently support the following blockchain networks:

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The largest smart contract platform that enables the development of decentralized applications ("dApps").

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Hier gibt es unseren Staking Guide zur Flow (FLOW) Blockchain


A blockchain specializing in Web3 applications such as games and metaverse projects, making NFTs accessible to the mainstream.

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Hier gibt es unseren Staking Guide zur Polkadot (DOT) Blockchain


A blockchain aimed at connecting different ecosystems so that both information and value can be exchanged.

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Hier gibt es unseren Staking Guide zur Celo (CELO) Blockchain


A blockchain with the aim of promoting the acceptance and accessibility of cryptocurrencies. Users can send transactions quickly and easily via smartphone.


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An Ethereum-based scaling solution that provides increased transaction speed and low gas costs thanks to the proof-of-stake mechanism.


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Icon Energy Web

Energy Web

Energy Web uses the Energy Web Chain, the world's first public blockchain designed specifically for the energy sector. Its ecosystem includes leading utilities, renewable energy developers, grid operators, enterprise energy buyers, automotive, IoT and telecom companies.

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Help and questions about Telekom Staking

Please note that Telekom, as an infrastructure provider, cannot provide any warranties regarding market fluctuations of crypto assets. It is assumed that business customers have appropriate knowledge about the use of the technology and its risks.

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