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PLM Cloud

The agile product development solution

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The agile product development solution

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The Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) Cloud offers companies the opportunity to flexibly book all necessary resources as a service. Products can be developed with CAD (Computer-Aided Design) systems in the cloud and tested with CAE (Computer-Aided Engineering) methods. High-performance computing resources can also be used flexibly from one of the fastest data centers in Europe.

  • Customer-centric solution for end-to-end PLM process
  • Product development environments with 3D workplaces
  • Vendor-neutral offering on a pay-per-use basis
  • High Performance Computing, base + peak load coverage
  • Hosting in secure German twin core data centers

Product Features

PLM Cloud Service

The PLM Cloud Service offers PLM environments with hardware and software in a transparent pay-per-use model from the cloud, available in the two editions Basic and Professional.


Various software products are available to cover the product development process, PLM/PDM systems as well as CAx authoring systems, in a SaaS or a bring your own license model.


Virtual CAx developer workstations, collaboration environment with backend servers and team storage as well as high performance computing on Hawk, one of the fastest HPC systems in the world in a „pay-per-use“ model.

Available Software

Software systems in bring your own license model




Software in SaaS model




PLM/PDM systems in bring your own license model

ARAS Innovator


PLM systems with subscription model

CIM Database

Other CAx authoring systems (e.g. CAD software) can be installed on request and run in bring your own license model.

Service modules of the PLM Cloud

PLM Cloud was developed as an integrated, customer- and process-oriented solution that aims to cover the entire product development process from the definition of requirements for a new product to PLM, CAD, CAE E/E subprocesses, supplier integration and production preparation. Accordingly, here service modules can be found to cover the entire process. Since 2018 Open Telekom Cloud is TISAX Level 3 certified (this is equivalent to the highest security standard for development data in the automotive industry.

PLM Cloud Service Modules

Benefits of PLM Cloud

  • Increased speed and efficiency of your product development

    Focus on the core business of product development. We provide and operate the environment flexibly and according to your needs.
  • Support of worldwide engineering teams

    Your engineers have the same flexible access to engineering data from anywhere.
  • Access to engineering data from office, home-office, factory floor, customer site

    Easy access from any location supports collaboration scenarios with partners, suppliers and customers.
  • Connect with engineering data to production and field/service data (IoT), apply Big Data and AI approaches.

    We support your digitization initiatives in a sustainable way.
  • Flexibility in hardware and software resources

    Hardware and software planning and long-term capital commitment are eliminated. These resources are used as required from the Cloud and paid for on a pay-per-use basis.
  • Flexibility in end devices

    Depending on the application, data can be conveniently accessed using a tablet, thin client, notebook or workstation. Your applications run as a managed service in the cloud, regardless of the end device.
  • Focus on innovation and cost reduction

    Get rid of infrastructure and platform deployment tasks. Instead, you concentrate on your core business in the age of digitization.

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Cloud is not equal to cloud

Software- and software vendor-specific cloud solutions can cover lower requirements. However, if the development process is more complex, involves several disciplines and different software systems from different software vendors, such solutions quickly reach their limits because employees with highly secret and large data have to change clouds several times a day. This is where PLM Cloud comes in as a customer process-centric solution that integrates all the software systems from different vendors required in the development process in a highly secure and centrally managed environment.

Cloud is not equal to cloud

Customer Journey

Use Cases for PLM Cloud

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