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iMSA the leading​ mobile ordering platform​

international Mobile Service Automation enables customers a central and easy management of mobile services​.

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Business goals and challenges​

CIOs and IT decision makers are aiming to streamline internal processes, reduce costs and improve the employee experience by transitioning to a service-driven digitized business.​ However, there are many  manual processes that lead to frequent errors and lack of standardization across countries, compounded by language barriers and inefficient systems. There is a lack of IT Service Management integration, active asset management, and comprehensive telco solutions.​

iMSA standardizes and automates your mobile connectivity processes while eliminating manual steps and complexity.

You stay flexible with iMSA – 3 in 1 

ServiceNow App integrates seamlessly into ServiceNow ecosystem.

A bilingual user friendly web portal requires no integration, just internet access​

Use iMSA API to fully integrate into any ecosystem

Supported Processes and Capabilities

New Business

  • ​New subscription (incl. eSIM)​ 
  • Bulk subscription ordering 
  • Service barring (lock codes)
  • Standalone handset ordering
  • Order subscription and handset  ​

Existing Business

  • Tariff/option change​ 
  • SIM Management ​ 
  • Multi-SIM Management​
  • Suspension/reactivation​ 
  • Subscription protection by customer password
  • Customer cost center and cost center user
  • Termination​ 

Info Service

  • Customer product catalogue
  • Customer handset catalogue
  • SIM / handset inventory
  • Order history

Incident Management

  • Incident management related to iMSA ordering

Benefits - iMSA lifts your organization to the top level  

E2E Automation for seamless processes

Internal customers have ​digital, self-service support ​

Easy integration into ServiceNow or any other ecosystem

Automated workflows eliminate errors and save transaction time​

Centralized, data-driven decision-making enabled​

HQ gets full transparency into order history and inventory ​

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